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Craigslist is the coolest free for sale/classifieds (and more!) site on the internet. 1000's of items go up for sale/trade every day. Unfortunately, there is so much that gets added to Craigslist that I find it impossible to keep up! On top of that, really cool items that get listed are often sold before I get a chance to see the listing. I needed a way to monitor Craigslist so I could get a chance at the good deals. Enter CScrape.

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CScrape - At-A-Glance Craigslist Monitoring on Your Desktop

CScrape is a stand-alone Windows application which allows you to keep track of the latest "for sale" additions to Craigslist. When launched, CScrape grabs all the latest items added to Craigslist via RSS. Easy as that. Once listings are loaded into CScrape, it will refresh at a configured interval (from 15 to 60 minutes). This means you can keep CScrape running all the time, and keep an eye on the newest listings to Craigslist so you don't miss out on something!

CScrape - Features

CScrape - Installation

CScrape is easy to install - it comes as an .exe file. Simply run the exe to install the software. CScrape can also be uninstalled - which will completely remove it from your system. CScrape will run under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

CScrape - I Want It!!!

You can download a self-installing Microsoft Windows executable version below -- Visit the CScrape Project Page on Sourceforge to report bugs or get the source code. CScrape is written in Perl/TK.

CScrape 1.11Oct-12-2004 Release.

1.11  Oct-12-2004
-Activate mouse scroll wheel support
-Alternate background colors
-Resize window

1.10  Oct-4-2004
-Add systray menu
-Windows .exe created with PAR
-Update About dialog
-Release to sourceforge!

1.03  Jul-14-2004
-Implemented craigslist RSS feeds.

1.02  Jul-13-2004
-Categories are now a "tear-off" menu item.
-Fixed CScrape "refreshing" too often.

1.01  Jul-12-2004
-Initial Release.

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